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Influencer marketing tips: 3 ways to rethink your strategies

Influencer marketing has spent the past few years being “the next big thing” for companies seeking to stand out from the crowd. Although the concept has gotten a significant amount of press in that time, the jury is still out on its long-term value. Will it deliver on all of its promises? Is it ultimately […]


What’s your Amazon strategy?: Tapping into The Holy Grail of transactional data

Amazon was originally called Cadabra and when a lawyer mistakenly heard it as “cadaver,” Jeff Bezos felt compelled to change his company’s name to something that isn’t synonymous with “corpse.” Inspired by the world’s largest river, Bezos chose Amazon with a goal of creating the world’s largest store.Twenty-three years later, Amazon is “only” the world’s third-largest retailer […]


How to combat an agency’s top four collaboration killers

We’ve all been to the eternal meeting with the dull presentation. These four tips can keep those disruptions from killing agencies’ collaborative vibes. Innovative companies rely on its employees to collaborate to edge out a competitor, crack a problem or simply, stay alive. However, it’s shocking how the most innocuous and well-meaning practices can undermine best efforts […]


Three ways to create insights from consumers’ click histories

Without any action behind it, data is just a bunch of numbers. Clickstream data is particularly valuable, providing insights about what consumers are doing. Data alone does not lead to insights. Analyzed data backed by a hypothesis and placed in the right context, on the other hand, does. Marketers often fail to use their data to […]


Five fantastic ‘phygital’ campaigns from this spring

We’re always talking about the growing convergence of the physical and digital worlds. Here are five brands with great phygital campaigns all over the world. Amazon has become synonymous with the term ecommerce over the years, so the possibility of the retailer branching into the physical world has long been intriguing to people. Shortly before […]


Personalized recommendations aren’t just for the big ecommerce marketers

Amazon is well-known for sending emails just for you. But a business doesn’t have to be Amazon-sized to successfully deploy the same strategy. Do you remember the first time you surfed on Amazon and got a product recommendation? It kind of felt like you had a personal shopper right there at the computer reading your […]


Brands’ Snapchat handles: ClickZ’s master list

If you want to see a brand’s Snapchat Stories, you have to know exactly what its username is. It’s not always clear, so ClickZ has compiled this list for you.  Seventeen brands with stellar Snapchat Stories was really fun to work on, but it was also a lot more work than you’d think. For one thing, the […]


Why ranking tools need to evolve to keep up With search

The way consumers search online has changed dramatically, but the ranking tools have yet to adapt to the search behavior of today’s consumer. I have been involved in search since the early days of AltaVista and Overture. And as long as there has been a search engine results page (SERP), there has been a mechanism […]


Three last minute tips to make your Mother’s Day marketing resonate

Mother’s Day shoppers have a tendency to procrastinate so even though the holiday is just a few days away, it’s not too late for your messages to reach people. Mother’s Day is on Sunday so you might think that it’s too late; your marketing has done what it can do and maybe you’ll act earlier next year. […]