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Eight social media skills for B2B brands to master

When it comes to social media, B2B brands aren’t always as sophisticated as their B2C brethren. But with these eight tips, they can be. In 2016, pretty much every business knows that it should be using social media. But does every business use it correctly? Aimed at B2B brands on social media,  here are four things to do… […]


Five ways sales can work with marketing for better results

Sales representatives should work more closely with marketing teams to counter changing consumer purchase behavior brought about by the digital age, a Hubspot report has found. More than half (57%) of all salespeople know that buyers are less dependent on a sales representative during the buying process than they were just a few years ago, […]


Brands’ Snapchat handles: ClickZ’s master list

If you want to see a brand’s Snapchat Stories, you have to know exactly what its username is. It’s not always clear, so ClickZ has compiled this list for you.  Seventeen brands with stellar Snapchat Stories was really fun to work on, but it was also a lot more work than you’d think. For one thing, the […]