At Commucore Consulting we believe messages have to be clear and invoke a desired, measurable response to be deemed successful. We always start with a foundation of respect for your customers ‘ intelligence and work with you to build a comprehensive lead generation and communication strategy along with the infrastructure that provides win-win results on all sides of the cash register.

Here are some recent projects we’ve completed with out clients.

Quiet Fireplace Fans

Agenta Innovations Inc. wanted an e-commerce site that would provide a great desktop, tablet and mobile experiance and showcase their products. Commucore was able to provide a self-hosted e-commerce solution that allowed Agenta to run discount specials and offer coupon codes, while delivering on their need for cross-device compatibility.

Mend Restoration – Exterior Surface Restoration

Commercial, B2B
Mend Restoration approached Commucore to bring a website to bare that allowed them to demonstrate their unique services. With the range of surfaces they can restore, and within each market they needed to quickly demonstrate their unique value proposition in relation to the niche players already in the space.

Stone Design – Concrete Floor Polishing

Commercial, B2B
Commucore was approached by a regional concrete floor polishing service provider to redo their website. They wanted to update their image and ensure their web presence conveyed their vast experience in the field and the range of work they undertake. Responsive design was used to ensure a single website would display nicely for a range […]

Incredible Closets

Incredible Closets approached Commucore Consulting to help enable them more easily maintain their website content and update their website design. We were able to meet their needs with a Wordpress installation and training on content management.