Solid, tangible results that you can take to the bank. When we partner with you we want you to see how our efforts are effecting the bottom line. Commucore is sure to provide key indicators and metrics so it’s clear what the results are:

Market Research

Knowing your customers thoroughly helps to build relationships that last. Keeping close to your customer allows your business to grow and adapt to their changing demands. We provide a wide array of services that help you keep on top of consumer demands and competitive offerings.

Audience Tracking

As your customer begins to do more and more online let us help you follow their evolving demands and interests. Let us show you which of your digital communications generate the most ROI and which are costing you.

Lead Generation

Filling the sales funnel and closing sales remains the primary focus of the majority of private sectors throughout the economy. Through may of the marketing services we provide, we work to ensure your marketing dollar is firing on all cylinders and lead generation and qualification is churning night and day for your business.


Hindsight is always 20/20. Why not get a jump on it and let us help you see the future by integrating today’s leading forecasting software and models into your business operations.


“I think they got the message” doesn’t cut it! At Commucore we proudly provide you with impact and return on investment analysis for each project undertaken. If you’re not making money, why should we.