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We’ve been helping small to medium sized businesses establish or improve their online presence with a focus on improving their bottom line. At the core of it all is communication. That’s what Commucore is all about: Clear communication, using web based technologies, to provide optimized returns on your investments.

Website Development
We can quickly and affordably update your website and enhance your capabilities to connect with your customers. Let us show you how much easier your website maintenance can be, and help optimize your interactions with clients.
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Online Marketing
We can review your online marketing plans and help optimize your spend. From Search Engine Optimization, to Social Media, advertising networks and Pay-per-click, we’re able to advise or manage your online presence.
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Application Development
The latest in Open Source technology provides a range of business systems that can help your business run smoothly, present your hired team as a unified service delivery machine and ensure everyone is on the same page.
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Recent Projects

We were thrilled to have launched our new business line in just a matter of weeks!  Commucore was able to prepare our website and help us implement our branding, allowing us to hit the road running in our sales efforts.NolanFounding Partner, Mend Restoration


Recent News

Twitter adds new customer service features

Social media has become an increasingly important channel for customer service over the years, and Twitter in particular is one of the social platforms that has been used most broadly for customer service by brands ranging from airlines to retailers. Now, brands using Twitter in a customer service capacity have access to new features that could help them […]
By : Content Team | Sep 16, 2016

Ello meets ecommerce: Ello launches ‘Buy’ and ‘Hire Me’ buttons

Remember Ello? The social network formerly known as the ‘anti-Facebook’ has developed into a compelling platform for visual social media, and now it’s adding ecommerce features to the mix. In September and October 2014, newbie social network Ello was the talk of the (tech) town, making waves with its minimalist interface and a staunch anti-advertising […]
By : Content Team | Sep 15, 2016

Google announces two mobile-first products at DMEXCO

Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s SVP of Ads & Commerce made announcements about two new products this morning at DMEXCO 2016. The first centred on event-based optimization in Universal App Campaigns app ads, and the other around the YouTube ‘TrueView’ service. Universal App Campaigns According to Google, its app ads have now driven 3 billion installs for developers. It previously […]
By : Content Team | Sep 14, 2016