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Martech management tools: Seven types of platforms critical to marketing success

Management tools help you run your team more efficiently, and they’re essential to running a high-performance marketing organization. This is a broad category of marketing tools, but it encompasses everything from budgeting to project management. It also includes collaboration tools that can help your team work together more efficiently. All of these tools together might […]


Why marketing should begin with objectives, not tactics

As a marketer, you might find yourself facing a persistent conflict. Do you go with the status quo and pursue an approach to marketing where every customer is treated the same and most interactions are built on guessing what customers might respond to? Or do you take a data-driven approach to personalizing the customer experience […]


Why marketers need to reevaluate their Facebook strategies

Most marketers who consider Facebook a valuable platform are feeling baffled with the series of changes that the social media giant has brought in recently, making them reevaluate its importance. For starters, Facebook has placed limits on access by third-party applications. The new apps that use “Facebook Login” (via Facebook Login API), will no longer […]


Customers are obsessed with digital research to optimize their real-world experiences

Google recently assembled key findings. With the power of mobile devices, customers are officially research-obsessed.  Real-time research is now part of the customer experience, preceding, and shaping real-world events These emerging, mobile-first, in-the-moment inquiries are giving customers the ability to do more than discover options and solutions. They’re guiding them to optimize forthcoming real-world experiences. […]


How CMOs are using apprenticeships to bridge the digital skills gap

Two new reports from Tech City and Arch Apprentices show that while the UK remains a world leader in many respects, without significant changes to how companies recruit and train the next generation of coders, programmers and digital marketers, that status may soon be a thing of the past.The first report, from Tech City, lays out […]


​How young marketers have an impact on marketing strategies

There is a changing approach in marketing strategy as millennials become part of small to medium sized businesses and we can already notice how they differ from baby boomers. Magisto surveyed 500 US-based small and medium sized businesses to examine their digital and mobile marketing strategies and here are some interesting insights. Focusing on digital […]


Beyond Facebook: social media marketing opportunities in China and Japan

Twitter and Facebook are becoming more popular in Asia, but marketers operating in the region need to be aware of the many other made-for-Asia social media platforms. Here’s a list of some of the lesser-known platforms exploding in popularity across the Asia Pacific region. China China’s Great Firewall means many western social media sites like […]


How to avoid being boring in B2B sales

Who said B2B sales have to be boring? Time to reconsider, aiming at a human connection, rather than old-fashioned sales pitches. Simona Pop, head of partnerships & global communications at InstaSupply talked about B2B sales in Beat the Buzz Nights by WeRSM and Audiense, explaining how the process can become more meaningful for both sides. A selling process through social […]


Alibaba adds 9.9 wine and spirit event to its list of online shopping festivals

On September 9, Alibaba will add a 24-hour wine and spirit online shopping spree to its existing stable of popular consumer festivals. The new event has been dubbed Jiu Jiu and is being launched on the company’s B2C ecommerce marketplace, Tmall. Jack Ma, Alibaba’s chairman has become the king of online shopping festivals. His hugely […]


Meet the eight B2B brands excelling at LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular social network for B2B brands and here are the best examples on how to use it. According to ‘B2B Content Marketing – 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America’, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn, which makes it their primary choice among social networks for their company. LinkedIn is […]