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How these 11 brands are nailing cart abandonment emails

It’s common for consumers to browse several sites until they are ready to proceed to a purchase. They may even add products to shopping carts, but forget to complete the order. Cart abandonment is therefore a persistent problem for ecommerce brands, reaching a global average of 76.9% for Q2 2017. Why are consumers so hesitant to […]


Four lessons B2C marketers can learn from B2B

It’s easy to think of customers as fish you can bait with discounts. It’s also lazy. Marketers should adopt the B2B mentality of solving customers’ problems. As a B2C marketer, you hear it everywhere: build a personal relationship with prospects. But how can you ever do that at scale when you have so many different […]


Personalized recommendations aren’t just for the big ecommerce marketers

Amazon is well-known for sending emails just for you. But a business doesn’t have to be Amazon-sized to successfully deploy the same strategy. Do you remember the first time you surfed on Amazon and got a product recommendation? It kind of felt like you had a personal shopper right there at the computer reading your […]


How incremental innovation drives email evolution

Instead of launching a fully-formed new program, try innovating in increments, where you make a series of small changes that eventually add up to something big. I talk a lot about how marketers have to change up their email programs to succeed in today’s email universe. But I also know that time, resource and money […]


Reviving sluggish sales with email personalization

By using personalization in the emails that are sent, retail marketers can grow their consumer base and ultimately increase ecommerce revenue.  It’s interesting to come across prestigious brands with solid revenue streams and a ready acknowledgment that ecommerce wasn’t performing like they wanted it to. That was the case for Björn Borg, a well-known sports […]