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96% of global consumers expect brands to respond within 24 hours to an issue

Selligent Marketing Cloud, a marketing automation platform aimed at enabling B2C brands to connect with consumers, recently published the 2nd edition of their Selligent Global Connected Consumer Index. The Index shares insights on how 5000 global consumers feel about personalization, privacy, and brand interactions. Content produced in collaboration with Selligent Marketing Cloud. The connected consumer […]


Why marketing should begin with objectives, not tactics

As a marketer, you might find yourself facing a persistent conflict. Do you go with the status quo and pursue an approach to marketing where every customer is treated the same and most interactions are built on guessing what customers might respond to? Or do you take a data-driven approach to personalizing the customer experience […]


Agile marketing for large scale personalization

Here Boris Toma from McKinsey Marketing & Sales discusses how successful companies put together the teams and the capabilities to make agile marketing happen on a large scale. We’ve all heard how digital technology allows marketers to engage in innovative new ways to meet customers’ needs especially through personalized content, messages, and offers far more […]


How to turn your live event data into sales

Think back to the last professional event you attended: it was probably a blur of panels, product booths, and cocktail mixers with a few free lunches thrown in. But as you moved through that event, everything that interested you, from sessions to networking events gave off important signals about who you were and what you […]


Delivering consistently relevant experiences at scale

Personalization is not a new concept. It’s likely that your hairstylist knows how you like your hair cut and can make recommendations on different options and products that best suit your hair type. Restaurants you frequently visit may know how you like your steak cooked and can provide suitable wine-pairing suggestions. Personalization happens often in […]


Unlocking email marketing’s full potential with the human touch

On May 1, 1978, a marketing manager named Gary Thuerk wrote an email to 400 ARPAnet users promoting Digital Equipment Corporation computers. Later billed “The Father of Spam,” Thuerk pioneered email marketing by sending the world’s first digital, commercial mass communication. (It was mass communication at the time; did you have an email address in 1978?)Thuerk’s […]


A checklist for mid-year marketing mania

The summer will be over as quickly as it started. Use these four tips to ensure that the hectic back to school shopping season doesn’t sneak up on you.  Marketers, rev up your engines: We are almost halfway through 2016! With Memorial Day behind us, summer is heating up and the busy back to school and […]


Better email acquisition is key for big data success

Big data and email marketing have a surprisingly symbiotic relationship, where each one makes the other better, something that will only increase in the future. Big data – demographics, behavior, buying behavior in other channels, competitive intelligence – has been successful for digital marketers in large part because of email marketing. In turn, big data allows […]


Four lessons B2C marketers can learn from B2B

It’s easy to think of customers as fish you can bait with discounts. It’s also lazy. Marketers should adopt the B2B mentality of solving customers’ problems. As a B2C marketer, you hear it everywhere: build a personal relationship with prospects. But how can you ever do that at scale when you have so many different […]