7 rules a Fintech must follow to succeed with its marketing strategy

30-second summary: Building a quality product is the first step toward success in the Fintech industry, and deploying the right marketing techniques stands as the greatest challenge marketers face in growing their product reach in an increasingly saturated market. There are four business metrics that are guaranteed to help Fintech companies orient their marketing techniques. […]


Only one in five marketers have a strategy in place for optimizing their martech stack

30-second summary: Ascend2’s Martech Stack Optimization survey asked nearly 300 B2B and B2C marketers how are they addressing the challenge of optimizing their martech stack in 2020. 19% of respondents indicated that they’ve implemented a martech stack strategy, while nearly 60% of respondents are currently working on or developing a strategy. Improving marketing efficiency is […]


Marketers: Shake up your strategies in 2020

30-second summary: Remarketing is your friend: The common myth is that remarketing is a form of stalking consumers who previously interacted with your brand, but when done correctly, it can be very beneficial and 90% of marketers would agree. Going beyond personalization: By adjusting efforts like the timing of push notifications, the mediums being used to deliver […]


UJET report: Brands should add text/message and have “identical support” across channels

30-second summary: A new report from customer support platform UJET finds a steady use by consumers of all ages of multiple channels for customer service, and a desire for more texting/messaging. While there are still age-related differences across channel use, the interest in more texting/messaging support applies across ages. Multi-channel communications are becoming the norm […]


Practical advice from Wix to help agencies increase productivity

30-second summary: ClickZ hosted a Webinar in collaboration with Wix to discuss some effective approaches to solving a big agency pain point—increasing productivity. With efficiency, you are trying to do the same with less. With productivity, you’re trying to do more with the same. The three productivity zones for agencies are workflow, resource management, and […]


4 branding lessons from most talked about 2020 Super Bowl ads

30-second summary: Asked what they look forward to about the Super Bowl, 20 percent of respondents in a recent survey said it’s the ads. That’s second only to watching the actual game. Selligent Marketing Cloud’s CMO, Niki Hall, highlights the biggest marketing and branding lessons from this year’s top Super Bowl ads: Lesson #1: Don’t […]


Performance marketing is key to brand success

30-second summary: Brands can achieve success through measuring every metric of their performance marketing campaigns, including clicks, conversion rates, bounces, and more, which offers a deeper understanding of consumers. Performance marketing is an important component in this process, as it allows brands to gain further insight into the consumer journey. Asian millennials account for nearly […]


Q&A with Segment: Successfully navigating the CCPA

30-second summary Whilst it’s a step in the right direction, many consumers still don’t actually know what their rights are More needs to be done to tackle the widespread use of third-party data The legislation will be met with an initial “false panic” (like with GDPR), but nothing will change until businesses see it being […]


Spending on customer experience increases as its impact is more widely recognized

30-second summary: A higher percentage of marketers than in previous years now understand the importance of customer experience (CX), according to the latest Gartner report on the topic. That importance is being reflected in expectations that budgets for CX will increase this year. It is also reflected by other indicators, such as the increased number […]