How retailers struggle between data privacy and personalization

30-second summary: Retailers need to personalize experiences to stand out, but customers are wary of sharing data. This is the central challenge addressed in a new white paper from research firm WBR Insights and payments solutions provider Valitor. The resulting survey indicates retailers are making some progress, but generally they have not exerted the necessary […]


Retailers leverage customer data to drive personalized experiences

30-second summary: Slightly more retailers with centralized customer data are satisfied with their arrangement, compared to those with decentralized data, according to a new report from customer data platform (CDP) Arm Treasure Data and others. But about three-quarters of the respondents expect to get a centralized CDP or already have one. Additionally, the report said, […]


The path to owning influencer marketing in 2020 is just 6 steps

30-second summary: Influencer marketing specialists Linqia launched a playbook to help businesses strategize in 2020. According to Linqia there are five different types (or tiers) of influencer: Nano; Micro; Macro; Mega; and Celebrity. Micros offer niche markets and authentic voices, while Megas offer agency-style content and a very broad reach. Macros clearly sit somewhere in […]


Three steps on how to get personalization right

30-second summary: Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of marketers who have invested in personalization will abandon their efforts due to lack of ROI, the perils of customer data management or both. Personalized marketing is about delivering a positive user experience, so marketers should see it as one of the many tools to enhance that […]


Top six reasons marketers struggle to deliver personalized consumer experiences

30-second summary: Many marketers are lacking six important building blocks necessary for successfully employing personalization. Centricity – The disparate systems and silos that can lead to fragmented business intelligence. Transparency – A channel centric view that can lead to obfuscating a single source of truth. Relevancy – The lack of granular trigger-based insights at the customer […]


What will an effective digital marketing plan look like in 2020?

30-second summary: Martech research firm Ascend2 surveyed nearly 300 marketing professionals to assess how they plan to develop their digital marketing strategies for 2020. More than half of survey respondents indicated their primary marketing objectives for 2020 revolves around improving sales by increasing leads and customer acquisition. Nearly 90% of respondents indicated that digital media […]


Marketers will majorly redefine personalization, influencer marketing and emotion-based strategies

30-second summary: Consumers increasingly place their trust in known entities — family, friends, institutions and familiar brands. This shift is undermining investments in influencer marketing. Marketers and advertisers are using artificial emotional intelligence (AEI) technologies to gather insights on users’ reactions to products and services. Only 22% of marketers say they have in-depth insight into […]


Why marketers must have laser focus on first-party data

30-Second Summary: Invoca is a call tracking and conversational analytics platform. They recently surveyed 500 B2C marketers to understand how they use and access first-party data.  The study revealed that two big hurdles marketers face with optimizing advertising performance are – Data quality and accuracy (46%), privacy and security concerns (42%) More than 27% don’t […]


Three ways to use predictive analytics to grow your business

30-second summary: Predictive modeling of customer behavior helps educate campaigns to drive loyalty or generate leads. Lead qualification modeling helps the sales team focus on the most probable customers to buy/close the deals. Both of these together help finance understand the CLV and educate the whole organization on the acceptable customer acquisition cost to drive […]