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Creative testing: Why is the control so hard to beat?

30-second summary: Facebook’s split-tests appear to maintain a creative history for the control ad. This gives the control a significant advantage with Impressions Per Thousand (IPM) testing. Facebook can also group variations with a similar look and feel to the control. So similar-looking ads may also start with a higher IPM. Creative concepts that are […]


Measurement & attribution microclass: Free course with Facebook and Fospha

To help marketers better navigate the world of measurement and attribution, we’ve partnered with Facebook and Fospha to design a free online course. Marketers need to know which of their marketing efforts have worked best — and this is obviously much easier said than done. Making sense of nonlinear consumer paths to purchase is anything […]


Influencer marketing tips: 3 ways to rethink your strategies

Influencer marketing has spent the past few years being “the next big thing” for companies seeking to stand out from the crowd. Although the concept has gotten a significant amount of press in that time, the jury is still out on its long-term value. Will it deliver on all of its promises? Is it ultimately […]


Why marketers need to reevaluate their Facebook strategies

Most marketers who consider Facebook a valuable platform are feeling baffled with the series of changes that the social media giant has brought in recently, making them reevaluate its importance. For starters, Facebook has placed limits on access by third-party applications. The new apps that use “Facebook Login” (via Facebook Login API), will no longer […]


How can I tell if my social media strategy is generating results?

It’s common to wonder whether your social media strategy is really generating the results you had in mind.According to Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report, 61% of social media marketers consider measuring their social ROI to be their top challenge.What makes a social media strategy successful?Every goal can be measured by different KPIs, but they […]


Seeing the trees for the forest with paid social

If an evergreen tree were to fall over deep in the Oregon forest, would it make a sound?Of course it would. The 2,000-pound tree would slam down with such force that the ground would shake as the noise reverberated for miles. But if nobody were around to hear that deafening thud, it wouldn’t have the […]


A guide to five Facebook ad types that will reach your marketing objectives

There are many Facebook ad formats to try out when testing the power of Facebook advertising, but not all of them are equally effective.Facebook recently announced that it is planning to withdraw the ability to boost a list of post types from its available ad formats, as they didn’t seem to align with most brands’ objectives when […]


Facebook to get mid-roll video ads, share revenue with users: report

Facebook isn’t just the world’s largest social network. In the past two years, it has also become one of the world’s most popular online destinations for consuming video content. Last year, the company revealed that more than 500 million users watch video on Facebook daily, and that they collectively watch more than 100 million hours of video a day. But despite […]


Facebook reveals it miscalculated even more metrics

Last week, Facebook revealed that it found yet more errors in metrics that it reports to brands and advertisers. The first error affected metrics related to Like and Share buttons. The Like and Share counts retrieved through Facebook’s Graph API were inconsistent with the counts displayed through search queries in Facebook’s mobile app. According to a Facebook […]


The rise of Facebook Reactions and how brands can use them creatively

As Facebook reactions see an increased use lately, it’s time for brands to use them more creatively for sentiment analysis. It’s been less than a year since Facebook introduced Reactions, the extension of the Like button, allowing users to express themselves in more than one way, with every reaction representing the most popular sentiments people have when noticing a […]