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Influencer marketing tips: 3 ways to rethink your strategies

Influencer marketing has spent the past few years being “the next big thing” for companies seeking to stand out from the crowd. Although the concept has gotten a significant amount of press in that time, the jury is still out on its long-term value. Will it deliver on all of its promises? Is it ultimately […]


Influencer marketing 2019: Seven key stats you need to know

Influencer marketing is growing into a very profitable industry. How will it change in 2019 and how can marketers keep up with the latest trends? Influencers are everywhere on social media. Influencer marketing is becoming a full-time profession for many Internet stars, while celebrities are also finding additional income. What does the rise of influencer […]


Influencer marketing: Eight tools to identify, track and analyze your brand’s next biggest fan

Influencer marketing has risen to become a key component of a brands marketing strategy.The rise of social media has brought a new type of digital stars who became popular through their growing number of social followers. This has led them to an increased number of requests for sponsorships and brand affiliations.As people are more inclined to […]


Beyond Facebook: social media marketing opportunities in China and Japan

Twitter and Facebook are becoming more popular in Asia, but marketers operating in the region need to be aware of the many other made-for-Asia social media platforms. Here’s a list of some of the lesser-known platforms exploding in popularity across the Asia Pacific region. China China’s Great Firewall means many western social media sites like […]


The state of influencer marketing in 2016

Before Vine’s popularity declined, Vine stars have transcended the platform to become actual celebrities. How has influencer marketing changed as it’s grown? Justin Bieber has 22 million YouTube subscribers. Rihanna has 21 million. Katy Perry and Eminem, 18 million apiece. These four musicians are among the most famous people on the planet, and none of them has […]


How candy brand Trolli competes with influencer content on Instagram

When it comes to content trends, influencer marketing tops the list as brands continue to boost their spending on social influencer campaigns. One study conducted last March found that 59% of marketers planned to increase their influencer budgets over the next year.   Earlier this month, eMarketer reported that 67% of marketers are already using social influencers […]