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Seven tips for multichannel marketing success

Ever wondered why some brands’ multichannel marketing campaigns are more successful than others? And why some brands just seem to irritate more than communicate? We’ve got one word for you: relevance. The importance of relevance cannot be underestimated. Yes, it is now easier than ever before to talk to customers and prospects over a multitude […]


Quality counts for in-app purchasers

Only a fraction of users spend money on in-app purchases, but those who do, spend up big, according to a report from AppsFlyer. The State of In-App Spending report found that while just 5.2% of users spend money on in-app purchases, the average for each one was $9.60 a month – more than 20 times […]


Why the bricks and mortar retail store is not dead yet

The role of the retail store in today’s digital age is changing, but it still plays an important step in the overall O2O customer purchase journey.  Online to offline (O2O), bricks & clicks, etail… we all have our strategies to bring customers from the online world into physical shops. It starts with data harvested online […]


Why are we so bad at social media customer service?

While social media marketing campaigns have always grabbed the lion’s share of the headlines, customer service is the area where the real battles for market dominance are being waged. Providing good customer service is not just about differentiation, it is business-critical. So… why is everyone so awful at it? There are a lot of reasons customer […]


Google AdWords launches new features for a mobile-first world

Google has introduced new tools and features to AdWords to specifically address the consumer shift towards mobile. The changes and additions have been announced at today’s Google Performance Summit, and include expanded description lines, responsive display ads to fit different devices and formats, more customized bidding options, and pilot features for Google Maps which allow […]


How M&M’s mastered multilingualism for its milestone birthday

A song that’s been trending on iTunes for months was created as part of an M&M’s promo. Mars helped it succeed by treating each channel like its own language. M&M’s are ubiquitous, but when the candy was introduced, you couldn’t buy it anywhere. Back then, it was only available to soldiers during World War II, having […]


If it ‘doesn’t make any f**king sense,’ it’s ripe for disruption

As we’ve seen in the digital age, any industry can be disrupted at any time. But those with obvious inefficiencies are the most vulnerable. Last year, Havas Media’s Tom Goodwin wrote in Tech Crunch that the world’s most popular media company (Facebook) creates no content and the world’s most valuable retailer (Alibaba) has no inventory. Goodwin’s passage, which […]


Blenheim Chalcott acquires analytics firm iJento

Last week, Blenheim Chalcott announced the acquisition of customer journey analytics firm iJento. I’ve been talking to Jonathan Attwood, CEO of fospha and iJento, about the tools and the thinking behind the acquisition. What is the reason for the acquisition of ijento?  Blenheim Chalcot has hosted iJento’s clients in the UK and US for many years and […]


How to use data from ad tech and martech for display ads

The convergence of advertising and marketing technologies is increasing the way data can be used to improve the efficiency of display ads.  A large percentage of marketing budgets (75%-80% by some accounts) are directed towards the acquisition of customers, while much of the rest is dedicated to retaining customers. Being a long-term advocate of retention […]


How many channels do brands need for a multichannel strategy?

Any retail marketing strategy in Asia needs a minimum of three channels, according to regional experts. The channels, the number of channels and which channels to use, will all differ depending on the brand and its objectives when it comes to multichannel strategy in Asia. However for a true crossover from multichannel retailing to a […]