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The creative’s critical role in online-to-offline customer experiences

Historically, enterprises have looked at design as a business function focused on aesthetics and usability. But today, design must become a core part of every company’s digital transformation. As the technologies and platforms in which you engage customers change — moving from a tactile brick-and-mortar store experience to AI-driven, highly personalized interactions, many elements of […]


Experiential marketing: What makes a brand experience stand out?

Brand experiences can make a powerful way to engage consumers. How can your brand make the most of it? Experiential marketing refers to the idea of using an actual experience to create a memorable link between the brand and the consumer. Brand experiences can make a campaign more engaging but they can also facilitate the […]


Why marketing should begin with objectives, not tactics

As a marketer, you might find yourself facing a persistent conflict. Do you go with the status quo and pursue an approach to marketing where every customer is treated the same and most interactions are built on guessing what customers might respond to? Or do you take a data-driven approach to personalizing the customer experience […]


Data-driven attribution: the cure for discount code abuse?

Produced in association with Fospha. When measuring the effectiveness of discount codes, retailers often get it wrong. In this article, we’ll look at how data-driven attribution can help businesses better understand where discount codes produce the best ROI. Retailers often don’t consider discount codes in the same way they do traditional marketing spend. On the one […]


What’s holding back CMOs in Asia?

APAC-based chief marketing officers meeting for an exclusive breakfast at ClickZ Live Hong Kong, have outlined some of the key challenges inhibiting transformation of the businesses they work for.  Legacy issues, regional fragmentation, a lack of integration between departments, skills and talent shortages and a lack of confidence in being able to map and use […]


Why the bricks and mortar retail store is not dead yet

The role of the retail store in today’s digital age is changing, but it still plays an important step in the overall O2O customer purchase journey.  Online to offline (O2O), bricks & clicks, etail… we all have our strategies to bring customers from the online world into physical shops. It starts with data harvested online […]


Why are we so bad at social media customer service?

While social media marketing campaigns have always grabbed the lion’s share of the headlines, customer service is the area where the real battles for market dominance are being waged. Providing good customer service is not just about differentiation, it is business-critical. So… why is everyone so awful at it? There are a lot of reasons customer […]


Six ways high performing CMOs outpace their competitors

High performing CMOs rate their general businesses health stronger than their direct competitors. This finding comes from the State of Marketing 2016 report, released by Salesforce’s Research team, surveyed more than 4,000 marketers to determine the key attributes of the high performing CMO, and how they compare to both middle and under performers. The results […]


Customers don’t want to be surveyed but they do want to be heard

Customers want to be understood, businesses want to understand them and yet satisfaction surveys have become anything but satisfying. That’s because the practice of polling customers for their views has seen no appreciable change in over two decades, yet the world we live in has shifted drastically. In spite of the possibilities afforded by the […]


And the winners are…

ClickZ‘s inaugural social contest is now over, and six of our readers get to attend ClickZ Live New York for free. We decided to take a page from our sister site Search Engine Watch‘s book and invite a few of our readers to ClickZ Live New York, on us. Over the last two weeks, we’ve posed six digital […]