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ASMR: The sound of growth

ASMR: The sound of growth – ClickZ Author Victor Potrel Date published May 28, 2020 Categories 30-second summary: Marketing strategies are shifting: On the heels of COVID-19, a majority of marketers are readjusting their messaging to align with the cultural moment. The growth of ASMR: Global audiences are increasingly looking to empathetic and soothing video […]


OTT in the time of COVID-19: Using social to drive adoption

OTT in the time of COVID-19: Using social to drive adoption – ClickZ Author Ting Zheng Date published May 14, 2020 Categories 30-second summary: Historically, OTT brands excel in social media marketing by using their original content as the centerpiece of their ads. While many are consuming content on social channels, OTT brands can utilize […]


How to improve your digital marketing with competitor analysis

How to improve your digital marketing with competitor analysis – ClickZ Author Tereza Litsa Date published May 4, 2020 Categories 30-second summary: SEMrush have created the guide ‘How to Do Online Competitor Analysis’ to help you start looking at what your competitors are doing. Analyzing your competitors’ digital marketing strategy can help you optimize your […]


Customer reviews: The not-so-secret SEO tactic

No matter what industry you’re in or what your business does, you want to be as close as possible to the top of a search engine results page (SERP). And of course, SEO is what gets you there, taking into consideration more than 200 ranking signals, such as the quality of your content, backlinks, mobile […]


Seeing the trees for the forest with paid social

If an evergreen tree were to fall over deep in the Oregon forest, would it make a sound?Of course it would. The 2,000-pound tree would slam down with such force that the ground would shake as the noise reverberated for miles. But if nobody were around to hear that deafening thud, it wouldn’t have the […]


Questions that journalists will ask you and how to avoid being caught out

Journalists are generally quite confident and they know what they need from a story, and often how to get it. That can be intimidating, and immediately put a subject on the back foot – which can be frustrating and intense for both parties involved. However, as a communications professional your story or campaign can gain […]


What will make your social audience click (if it’s not clickbait)?

Facebook is cracking down on clickbait. Again. So what will make your social media audience click now? As kids we would be excited about the “Did You Know?” section in books and Ripley’s Believe It or Not in the papers. Not much has changed except now we get excited about headlines like, “His reaction is priceless!” […]


Brainwriting: the secret to great ideas

Working for an agency, it is absolutely essential that everything we do is creative, original and engaging. If it isn’t, it will get lost in the diverse world of digital media, meaning no objectives or KPIs are met for our clients. Not only this, but creativity wins awards and awards help us win new clients, […]