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How to “Marie Kondo” your digital marketing strategy

It’s easy to say at this time of the year that we need to review and update our digital marketing strategies. It’s harder than we think though to get started. That’s why we should apply the KonMari method to our digital marketing strategy. What does Marie Kondo have to do with marketing? Image: Web Summit […]


Seeing the trees for the forest with paid social

If an evergreen tree were to fall over deep in the Oregon forest, would it make a sound?Of course it would. The 2,000-pound tree would slam down with such force that the ground would shake as the noise reverberated for miles. But if nobody were around to hear that deafening thud, it wouldn’t have the […]


A comprehensive guide to advertising on Facebook

Social media introduced a brand new world of advertising to brands and many have benefitted from this affordable and highly targeted solution. Facebook is the perfect example to showcase how social advertising can work. Facebook isn’t new to advertising, but it seems to be moving in a very interesting direction by launching many new features that would benefit both brands and […]


How to master Facebook advertising and targeting

Facebook advertising is becoming very useful, especially when you explore its potential and all its targeting options. Greg Gifford, Director of Search and Social at DealerOn, delivered a very informative presentation at Brighton SEO last week, describing all the advertising options that Facebook offers along with the impressive targeting you can achieve. According to Greg Gifford, Facebook used to be […]


Six reasons why direct marketers should be swooning over social media

I’m not going to lie. I get it. I really do get it. As someone who earned a livelihood for many years writing copy almost exclusively for direct mail and email, I totally understand why some dyed-in-the-wool direct marketers are still on the fence about using social media. Tweeting, blogging and sharing selfies on Instagram […]


Behavioral targeting is coming to Snapchat

Advertisers have been flocking to Snapchat, which now has more daily users than Twitter and is increasingly seen as perhaps the biggest threat to Facebook’s dominance in social. Snapchat reportedly told investors earlier this year that it plans to generate a billion dollars in revenue in 2017, which would represent a three to four-fold increase over […]


Twitter conversational ads exit beta, get Instant Unlock Card

Twitter is struggling to keep up with rivals like Facebook and Snapchat, and embracing live sports streaming in an effort to differentiate itself and maintain relevance. But Twitter isn’t giving up on its core offering, and has just made its conversational ads product available to all advertisers globally. Conversational ads were launched earlier this year in beta. At the […]


Q&A: Teach For America’s Stacey Jaffe on playing the paid social game

In August ClickZ Live celebrates its 18th annual event in San Francisco with a fantastic line-up of the world’s top speakers and a selection of brand new 100 minute accelerator sessions on the agenda. We caught up with Stacey Jaffe, Vice President of Digital Content and Channels at Teach For America (TFA), who will be speaking […]


Why Pinterest is Gardener’s Supply Company’s top social channel

Facebook may be the king of social platforms, but for Gardener’s Supply Company, it’s all about Pinterest, which brings the company far more traffic and revenue. With 1.65 billion monthly active users – nearly a quarter of the Earth’s population, including infants – Facebook is a must for any marketer in 2016. Gardener’s Supply Company […]


How brands can make the most of Instagram’s new algorithm

Will Instagram’s new algorithm mean the death of organic reach for your brand? Not necessarily. Here’s how you use the update to your advantage. When Instagram announced it would begin using an algorithm to power feeds, it caused quite an uproar. Some predicted the death of brands on Instagram and as of Wednesday afternoon, a Change.org petition calling to “Keep […]