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How to set up your Social Media Engagement Checklist

30-second summary: Volume Nine has created a detailed guide on how to build your engagement checklist for all social media platforms. Social media engagement should not be challenging especially if you work on an engagement strategy. Look at all the social media channels and explore how you can boost your engagement with a series of […]


Metrics to support ‘your’ digital monetization strategy

Recently there was a New York Times piece discussing ‘influencers’ on social media channels and their challenges and frustrations making a living online. This followed a previous, similar piece in the New York Post about someone attempting to gain Instagram stardom by purchasing elaborate trips and fashion, which left them in financial ruin.For the uninitiated, […]


How can I tell if my social media strategy is generating results?

It’s common to wonder whether your social media strategy is really generating the results you had in mind.According to Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report, 61% of social media marketers consider measuring their social ROI to be their top challenge.What makes a social media strategy successful?Every goal can be measured by different KPIs, but they […]


Three exceptional examples of local social media campaigns

Tesco has some of the best social media campaigns and so does West Jet, IKEA, and Lowes. However, these are big accounts and have mammoth budgets. This means they also have many social tools at their disposal and have access to data and insights on what will work for them. On the other hand, local […]


A beginner’s guide to Snapchat for marketers

We’ve written a lot about Snapchat, but here is a back-to-basic’s guide for setting up an account and how to use it. And an overview of why and how marketers are using this diverse platform.  There are more than 100 million users on Snapchat and they are not just millennials. As Snapchat introduces more unique […]


How to use purchase intent for more effective keyword search

If you think the lowly keyword is dead, think again. Good research can help a business position itself with the the right content to engage the audience at different points of the consumer purchase journey. Have you experienced one or more of these problems with your SEO and PPC ads? Your pages are ranking well, even at number one […]


How effective is 360 video really?

Can 360 video advertisements drive more engagements than regular video ads? Google partnered with Columbia Sportswear and discovered it depends on what is being measured. Google and Columbia Sportswear developed two different (but similar) video ad campaigns to find out what types of formats drove the most viewer engagements. The two 60-second video campaigns showed […]


What makes Ben & Jerry’s so good at social?

According to a new report analyzing restaurant chains’ social, Ben & Jerry’s is the best, despite its comparatively smaller size. What’s the brand doing right? Ben & Jerry’s has the best social media presence of any U.S. restaurant chain, according to a new report by social media analytics platform NetBase. The Social Media Industry Report […]


Nine free tools for measuring social ROI

Image by Alan Rourke, made available via CC BY 2.0. www.workcompass.com It’s widely agreed across the marketing industry by now that social media is an important part of any marketing strategy. And as with any marketing strategy, it’s natural to want to know what quantifiable impact it’s having on your business – known as the […]


10 reasons Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos dominate on Facebook

Buzzfeed has built a social empire starting from Facebook, expanding to all the popular social networks and Tasty is a great example on how to dominate a niche audience. Buzzfeed launched Tasty in July, as a way to focus on food lovers, with a series of videos targeting all the cooking enthusiasts, while the the right […]