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Preparing for the fourth stage of social customer connection

The way brands connect with customers on social media has evolved over time. The four stages of social customer service adoption can be equated to the three ancient wise monkeys that see, hear and speak no evil. The more perceptive will have already spotted an issue with the mathematics, but it is entirely intentional so […]


What makes Ben & Jerry’s so good at social?

According to a new report analyzing restaurant chains’ social, Ben & Jerry’s is the best, despite its comparatively smaller size. What’s the brand doing right? Ben & Jerry’s has the best social media presence of any U.S. restaurant chain, according to a new report by social media analytics platform NetBase. The Social Media Industry Report […]


Connect with experts to improve your customer support experience

It goes without saying that it’s important to respond to customers on social media. Far too many marketers don’t do it, but there are platforms that can help. Social customer care is a core requirement of business. For most, this means building up the capability to both listen for opportunities to serve customers on social channels […]


What Facebook Messenger’s evolution means for advertisers

As Facebook Messenger becomes more popular, it gives brands that many more methods – and that much more incentive – to connect with its millions of users. Messaging apps now provide extra benefits to consumers by enabling photos, stickers, GIFs, payments, location and transportation services, and video calling. These rich media features will only continue to grow […]


The social customer service gap

Eight years ago, Canadian musician Dave Carroll made a customer complaint about United Airlines, very public creating a YouTube video, United Breaks Guitars, and launching the first great social customer service #fail. Carroll was a single voice going to extraordinary lengths to get even over an act of corporate carelessness.  Today, in the digital era, it’s easier than ever for customers […]


How KLM uses China’s WeChat for customer service

China is a key market for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and it is engaging specialized CRM tools on its WeChat account to engage them for customer service. After implementing a tool that pools its WeChat customer service queries into its Salesforce platform, KLM says it is processing inquiries and comments from Chinese customers twice as […]


Powerball math, Facebook, and how to build a proper social support site

Brands engaging with consumers in customer support forums or on social platforms like Facebook must fact check all content before sharing in order to retain credibility.  We’ve all done it; you see a brilliant post on your favorite social network and click the Share button. Then the responses start, “Hey Dave, did you actually check […]