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Three exceptional examples of local social media campaigns

Tesco has some of the best social media campaigns and so does West Jet, IKEA, and Lowes. However, these are big accounts and have mammoth budgets. This means they also have many social tools at their disposal and have access to data and insights on what will work for them. On the other hand, local […]


How to manage Facebook pages for a multi-location business

A Facebook page can be very useful for a business with multiple locations, either nationally, or internationally. Here’s how to customise each feature for your business. Facebook has evolved into a very appealing platform for business owners the past for years and anyone can benefit from it, whether it’s the smallest local business to the […]


Is Donald Trump’s earned media hurting his brand?

Election 2016 features a presidential candidate like no other. Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, has more than 30 million followers across all of the social channels he’s active on, and on Twitter, his most prolific channel, he has over 10 million, approximately two million more than his opponent, Hillary Clinton.  What’s more: he’s besting Clinton in engagement, generating […]


Are you paying enough attention to reviews in your local SEO?

Sponsored content in collaboration with ReviewJump. Views expressed in this article are those of the interviewee and do not necessarily reflect ClickZ’s opinions. Customer reviews are an important contributing factor to local search rankings. But Brodie Tyler, founder of ReviewJump, believes that they aren’t given enough emphasis – by businesses or the SEO community. The business of […]


Is Google becoming more hyperlocal?

Last week, reports surfaced suggesting the possibility that Google has made changes to local map results. As detailed by Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry Schwartz, in the past week numerous individuals in the SEO community reported seeing compression in the local map pack results. One SEO who was monitoring results for clients observed “massive compression”: In many tested areas […]


How to take your geo-fences to the next level

Geo-fencing has become more sophisticated, but how can marketers break out of static fences and cast a wider net to reach mobile users more effectively?There’s no question that geo-fencing presents some amazing opportunities for today’s marketers. Finally, brands can reach their consumers in the location and moment where their message matters most. The idea of […]