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Eight social media skills for B2B brands to master

When it comes to social media, B2B brands aren’t always as sophisticated as their B2C brethren. But with these eight tips, they can be. In 2016, pretty much every business knows that it should be using social media. But does every business use it correctly? Aimed at B2B brands on social media,  here are four things to do… […]


What makes Ben & Jerry’s so good at social?

According to a new report analyzing restaurant chains’ social, Ben & Jerry’s is the best, despite its comparatively smaller size. What’s the brand doing right? Ben & Jerry’s has the best social media presence of any U.S. restaurant chain, according to a new report by social media analytics platform NetBase. The Social Media Industry Report […]


Three key ingredients to success on social media

To say that businesses and brands have come a long way in their usage of social media would be an understatement. After all, not only have more of them than not established a presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like, many of them are finally looking at social media as a valuable, respected communications […]