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Influencer marketing 2019: Seven key stats you need to know

Influencer marketing is growing into a very profitable industry. How will it change in 2019 and how can marketers keep up with the latest trends? Influencers are everywhere on social media. Influencer marketing is becoming a full-time profession for many Internet stars, while celebrities are also finding additional income. What does the rise of influencer […]


Facebook Watch takes on YouTube – and the global TV market

Facebook’s announcement of its Facebook Watch video service is a clear bid to ramp up its ad revenue by tapping into the lucrative TV market. After a slow-but-steady start for IGTV, has Facebook learned crucial lessons that will help Watch gain a loyal audience? Facebook’s newest feature, Watch, will host a range of original, TV-like content (both live […]


Ofcom dives into ‘digital detox’ data in new report

The 2016 Communications Market Report from Ofcom has shed some fresh light on the latest behavioural trends of UK consumers and how they are connecting with traditional and digital media. As expected, this latest offering is a comprehensive digest which draws on a range of primary and secondary research looking at – among other things […]


What do the jobs of the future look like in an AI world?

In the ‘future’ will your job be secure? For those in the insurance, healthcare, legal and a range of other sectors, it probably isn’t, says Edelman Digital’s Gavin Coombes.   Forget being a doctor or a lawyer. In the not too distant future, a robot will be able to do these jobs – and do […]


What can digital PR learn from traditional PR?

I passionately love communication in every single form that there is. For me there should never be a distinction between ‘what has gone before’ and ‘what the present and future looks like’. There is just communication. Communication evolves. Communication which beautifully ebbs and flows and embraces which ever format it desires. Verbal, artistic, musical, hand […]


How news consumption changed with social media

News consumption has changed over the years as more people turn to social media to be updated for the latest news. How does this trend affect the online publishing industry? Reuters Institute has released its Digital News Report for 2016 and it has been confirmed that more and more people prefer consuming content through social networks, with […]


Report: millennials are more likely to share an ad (but also to mute it)

Advertising to millennials can be challenging, especially when there’s a lack of understanding towards their needs. Here’s what you need to consider before targeting them. The term “millennial” has become very popular during the past years and it refers to people aged 18-34, or else, the most highly sought demographic for advertisers. Although the word has been overused […]


Better visual marketing in eight easy steps

Understanding the value of a quality visual marketing strategy is essential for digital advertising success.  Between Facebook video, visual tweets, messaging apps, data visualization, and live-streaming video, consumers see visual content virtually everywhere they go online. A quick look at the numbers reveals that images are swiftly enveloping the Web: 63 percent of social media content is […]