Using their full-funnel attribution model, Fospha measured clicks and impressions to give Nutrimuscle insight into the channels that worked best for them. An immediate insight was Snap performance. In Q3, Snapchat had the highest ROAS amongst ad platforms, with an impressive average ROAS of 18.7. In fact, Snapchat pulled in the second most conversions amid paid media channels all whilst being incredibly cost efficient with a CAC of 23EUR in Q3.  

This represented a clear opportunity for Nutrimuscle. Since Snapchat is a mobile- only, impression-led channel, Google Analytics’ click-only attribution had failed to make the case for how effective it can be. Now, using Fospha, Nutrimuscle could see 67x more revenue attributed to Snapchat than what was visible in Google Analytics. These signals in Fospha gave Nutrimuscle the confidence to increase budget in Snapchat, increasing spend by 17% from Q2 to Q3.

This served two primary goals. Firstly, it helped Nutrimuscle diversify their business and channel mix, reducing their reliance on any single platform for performance. Having made this change, performance not only held but improved quarter on quarter. This increased spend in Snapchat was a key driver of a 45% increase in revenue, with CAC falling and ROAS rising 22% compared to last quarter.

Overall, using Fospha to grow Snapchat has been instrumental to Nutrimuscle’s success.

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