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B2B strategy for 2019: Four steps to get started

When it comes to sales, there isn’t necessarily a “right approach.” Sales is about people and often tactics and messages will need to vary to appeal to the people you are speaking to. This is even more important when attempting to grow B2B relationships, to stand out from the crowd by delivering a targeted message […]


Five ways sales can work with marketing for better results

Sales representatives should work more closely with marketing teams to counter changing consumer purchase behavior brought about by the digital age, a Hubspot report has found. More than half (57%) of all salespeople know that buyers are less dependent on a sales representative during the buying process than they were just a few years ago, […]


Four lessons B2C marketers can learn from B2B

It’s easy to think of customers as fish you can bait with discounts. It’s also lazy. Marketers should adopt the B2B mentality of solving customers’ problems. As a B2C marketer, you hear it everywhere: build a personal relationship with prospects. But how can you ever do that at scale when you have so many different […]