How full-funnel marketing gave a 300% boost to LetsGetChecked’s paid social

In the modern age of technology, the healthcare industry has seen a surge in the use of at-home testing kits. These kits allow individuals to take control of their own health and test for various conditions in the comfort of their own homes. However, leading healthcare innovator, LetsGetChecked struggled with effectively marketing their at-home testing kits to consumers.

Lack of product awareness and knowledge for customers

LetsGetChecked is a virtual care company that allows customers to manage their health from home, providing telehealth services, pharmacy, and at-home testing kits. The business found that its target audience did not fully understand the value and convenience of its product. As a result, their sales were not meeting expectations. To solve this problem, the brand turned to data-driven marketing strategies.

Inspecting data and harnessing a data-driven strategy

The first step the brand took was to analyze its customer data to gain a better understanding of its target audience. They looked at demographics, purchasing habits, and past interactions with the brand. This information helped them to identify key customer segments and tailor their marketing efforts to specific groups.

Next, the brand implemented a comprehensive programmatic advertising strategy. This included utilizing data-driven targeting to reach the right consumers at the right time with the right message. By using data to inform its advertising, LetsGetChecked was able to reach a larger and more engaged audience.

Engaging to educate target audiences

In addition to programmatic advertising, the brand also focused on creating engaging and informative content to educate its target audience on the benefits of at-home testing. This included creating instructional videos and infographics, as well as publishing informative articles on their website and social media channels.

The (Read more...) also made an effort to improve the customer experience on its website. This included optimizing the site for mobile devices and streamlining the purchasing process to make it as easy as possible for customers to order a test.

Finally, LetsGetTested worked to build trust with its customers by emphasizing the accuracy and reliability of its tests. They also made sure to provide clear instructions and support for customers to ensure a positive testing experience.

Full-funnel paid social advertising

In addition to programmatic advertising, the brand also implemented a full-funnel paid social advertising strategy to reach potential customers at every stage of the buying process. This included targeting individuals who had shown interest in at-home testing kits through social media engagement and retargeting past website visitors.

LetsGetTested also used social media advertising to reach new audiences and drive awareness of its product. They used creative, engaging ad formats, such as video and carousel ads, to capture the attention of potential customers and drive them to the brand’s website to learn more.

Driving paid social advertising in conjunction with programmatic advertising created effective reach and engagement with potential customers across the entire buying process – from initial awareness to final conversion. This comprehensive approach helped to drive sales and increase brand awareness, ultimately solving the problem the brand was facing.

Outcomes achieved

By utilizing data-driven marketing strategies and focusing on customer education and experience, LetsGetTested was able to build a strong reputation as a trusted provider of at-home testing kits and in the process, increase sales. Data helped the telehealth brand with insights into the target audience, and opportunities to capture and measure campaign performance.

Some of the key outcomes achieved include:

  • Ability to maximize both revenue and efficiency that aligns with the customer’s journey rather than a platform’s journey
  • Immediate results with paid social performance, increasing by over 300% from Q1 to Q3
  • Stronger measurement of attribution
  • Visibility of the down-funnel impact of paid social spend on platforms like Meta that informed budget spend
  • Better budget allocation in the right areas to grow revenue profitably

In summary, by utilizing data-driven marketing strategies and focusing on customer education and experience, LetsGetTested was able to effectively solve its customer acquisition challenge.

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