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VIDEO: Fresh Talent Key to Tackling Marketing Disruptions, Says McKinsey

McKinsey’s David Edelman speaks to ClickZ about how marketers can invest in new models for employee management and how the industry should be guiding young talent. In the first installment of this video series, David Edelman, partner and global co-leader of digital marketing strategy at McKinsey spoke about how digital is disrupting the marketing framework. In order […]


Email: This Summer's Action-Packed Blockbuster

Just as superheroes need to know the villains’ powers, marketers need data, which can be combined with things like video, and location-based and live content to create dynamic emails. The Spring and Summer action movie season is in full swing, and big screens everywhere are full of The Avengers, MadMax, and The Fantastic Four, among […]


Coming Soon To A Marketing Cloud Near You

Leveraging the customer data in marketing clouds, email marketers can run data-driven campaigns without necessarily having to send more emails. We were all kids once. And one of the best things about being a kid was the summer vacation. Summer vacation meant getting out of school. For some kids, it’s like getting out of jail. […]


Data and Analytics Make Way For “Customer-to-Business” Marketing

Brands are leveraging data and more sophisticated analytics to do C2B marketing, a term referring to marketing plans driven by customers’ established likes and behaviors. There’s business-to-business marketing and business-to-consumer marketing, but the increasing availability of data makes way for another kind of marketing: customer-to-business (C2B). With more analytics, brands are able to market based […]