With ClickZ Live New York around the corner, we spoke with Phil Bienert, CMO of GoDaddy about merging traditional and digital marketing, as well as some of his challenges in doing so.

Next month at the Marriott Marquis, ClickZ Live is launching a new track: Digital Transformation. One of the highlights will be a fireside chat about the evolution of marketing and the way savvy marketers are able to merge traditional and digital.

We’ve got panelists from Goldman Sachs, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and RetailMeNot, as well as GoDaddy, whose chief marketing officer (CMO) spoke with ClickZ about what “tradigital” marketing means to him and what challenges he’s faced adopting it.

ClickZ (CZ): You’re one of the panelists on a fireside chat about merging traditional marketing and digital media. Tell us, what does “tradigital” means to you in your role at GoDaddy?

Phil Bienert (PB): For any marketer in 2016, differentiating between traditional, digital, above-the-line or below-the-line media is an outdated and irrelevant way to look at how you communicate with customers.

The tools and technology that used to be exclusive to digital marketing are now pushing further and further up the funnel. Our ability to use technology in everything from addressable TV to attribution modeling to full-funnel personalization really blurs the line between what we used to consider traditional marketing and digital marketing.

CZ: What is your advice on determining synergy between multiple media platforms?

PB: We start with the customer and think about the outcome we want them to achieve. What do we need to do to help that customer be successful? The rest – including the channel and getting the right message to the right person at the right time in the right place – flows from that and really falls into place.

Bienert, Phil - GoDaddy

CZ: What are some of the (Read more...) components in creating a seamless marketing strategy?

PB: Creating seamless marketing is really about combining the art and the science of interacting with customers. The art starts with the brand framework. What is it that your company stands for? How is that stance relevant to your customer’s lives?

The science is determining how to deliver the right message at the right time for that customer. In GoDaddy’s case, our brand has a focus on helping small businesses be successful by building their digital identity. When we think about seamless marketing, it’s really about making sure we’re there to help our customers be successful with the next decision that they need to make, for wherever they are in their business lifecycle

They should be able to easily understand how our brand fits into their business and helps them be successful.

CZ: Tell us about some of the challenges GoDaddy faced while adopting a tradigital marketing strategy.

PB: One of the biggest challenges for GoDaddy has been evolving what has been a very successful approach to marketing. In our first 17 years of business, we were able to achieve 80 percent brand recognition because of activities like the Super Bowl ads and the use of sponsorships to grow brand affinity in a scalable and very measured way.

This strategy needed to evolve as we prepare for the next 17 years and beyond. We’re focused on international growth, and taking our brand and products for small businesses to a global audience. When we think about evolving the model, it’s been about taking multiple factors into account at the same time: new technologies, an evolving brand position, a focus on growth outside our domestic markets, and optimizing our messaging and our funnel-mix to take advantage of all of these opportunities we have.

CZ: As a sneak peek, can you tell us one of the main takeaways that you will discuss during ClickZ Live New York?

PB: Start with the customer because personalized marketing drives customer affinity and strengthens brands. I’ll share how we were able to architect a shift to develop marketing campaigns that engage and delight our customers through their entire lifecycle.

Phil Bienert will be at ClickZ Live New York, taking part in a fireside chat entitled, “Tradigital: Strategically Merging Traditional Marketing and Digital Media.” Part of the Digital Transformation track, the panel will take place at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, April 12. Be sure to get your ticket by registering here!

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