Samsung Launches Insights Planner for TV Campaigns

Samsung Ads UK has unveiled its latest innovation: the Insights Planner tool. This tool is designed to empower clients and advertisers with comprehensive connected TV (CTV) insights, thereby changing the future of TV campaigns. The Insights Planner is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to addressing the increasingly fragmented TV viewing landscape. By leveraging Samsung’s proprietary first-party and Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) data, alongside additional data from esteemed third-party providers like Experian, the tool offers a granular view of audience interactions with Samsung Smart TVs. This launch signifies a pivotal step towards a more integrated approach to TV planning, enabling marketers to navigate the divide between traditional linear TV and the burgeoning realm of streaming with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Understanding the Insights Planner Tool

The Insights Planner by Samsung Ads is a sophisticated analytical instrument that harnesses the power of Samsung’s proprietary first-party data and ACR technology. It meticulously tracks viewer engagement with Samsung Smart TVs, giving advertisers a detailed account of which devices encountered specific linear TV ad campaigns. This data is enriched further by integrating third-party information, including demographic and behavioural insights, to construct a more nuanced profile of the viewers and their viewing habits. For instance, advertisers can ascertain the proportion of a key demographic, such as 18-34 year-olds, that their campaign reached and, crucially, those it failed to engage. This level of insight is indispensable for advertisers aiming to refine their total TV campaign strategies, particularly in light of the ongoing shift in viewer preferences towards streaming services, which complicates audience reach.

Breaking Down Silos in TV and Streaming

Samsung’s Insights Planner is at the forefront of dismantling the longstanding barriers between linear TV and streaming platforms. This tool is a (Read more...) to the industry’s clamour for a unified approach to TV advertising, one that acknowledges and adapts to the fragmented nature of current TV consumption. By providing a comprehensive view of audience reach, including those elusive viewers who have migrated to streaming, the Insights Planner equips advertisers with the knowledge to craft campaigns that traverse the entire TV landscape.

Matthew Bryan, Director of Analytics and Insights at Samsung Ads, emphasises the tool’s role in complementing existing data sources, such as BARB panel data, to enhance visibility and inform future media plans. Minai Bui, Director of Product Marketing, Europe, further elucidates that this integration of data-rich insights is pivotal for harnessing the full potential of the evolving TV ecosystem, ensuring advertisers can connect with their audience more effectively than ever before.

Implications for Marketers and Advertisers

The advent of Samsung’s Insights Planner heralds a new epoch for marketers and advertisers, one where data-driven decisions become the linchpin of TV advertising strategies. The tool’s ability to delineate the demographic makeup of audiences, their viewing habits, and app usage patterns offers a treasure trove of actionable insights. Advertisers can now pinpoint when their audience is most likely to watch TV and which apps they frequent, enabling the crafting of campaigns that resonate more deeply and reach more effectively. This granular understanding mitigates the risk of misdirected ad spend, ensuring that marketing budgets are allocated towards segments with the highest potential for engagement. In an industry where the ability to adapt to viewer migration is paramount, the Insights Planner stands as a crucial asset, empowering advertisers to navigate the complexities of the new TV landscape with confidence and precision.

Future Expansion and Phased Rollout

Samsung Ads’ Insights Planner is poised for a strategic expansion beyond its current UK market. The rollout is meticulously planned in three phases, with the initial phase focusing on profiling the unreached audience segments of linear TV campaigns. The subsequent phases, scheduled for 2024, aim to incorporate additional first and third-party data sets, such as geographical and mobile data, to enrich the insights further. This progressive expansion underscores Samsung’s ambition to refine the tool’s capabilities continuously. The German market is next in line to benefit from the Insights Planner, with other European markets set to follow. This phased approach ensures that each market’s unique characteristics are considered, allowing for a tailored deployment that maximises the tool’s effectiveness. As Samsung Ads extends its reach, the Insights Planner is set to become an indispensable component in the arsenal of advertisers across Europe, reshaping the landscape of TV advertising with its data-centric approach.

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