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How to turn your live event data into sales

Think back to the last professional event you attended: it was probably a blur of panels, product booths, and cocktail mixers with a few free lunches thrown in. But as you moved through that event, everything that interested you, from sessions to networking events gave off important signals about who you were and what you […]


4 ways cross-channel messaging levels up customer engagement

A survey by Lucidpress reveals that “organizations that make an effort to maintain brand consistency experience a growth dividend from doing so.” So let’s take a look at how consistent messaging can help spur customer engagement across their multi-channel journey. 1. Give customers a fluid and memorable campaign experience across different mediums Not only is […]


How Alexa and Siri are changing SEO: AI and Voice Search

The Internet changes rapidly, which means marketers and business leaders must hurry to change with it. While most Internet searches were once done on laptops and desktops, people are now using their smartphones with similar devices to conduct searches for information, local businesses, products, and services. That shift was closely followed by another somewhat more […]


Why marketers need to reevaluate their Facebook strategies

Most marketers who consider Facebook a valuable platform are feeling baffled with the series of changes that the social media giant has brought in recently, making them reevaluate its importance. For starters, Facebook has placed limits on access by third-party applications. The new apps that use “Facebook Login” (via Facebook Login API), will no longer […]


Customers are obsessed with digital research to optimize their real-world experiences

Google recently assembled key findings. With the power of mobile devices, customers are officially research-obsessed.  Real-time research is now part of the customer experience, preceding, and shaping real-world events These emerging, mobile-first, in-the-moment inquiries are giving customers the ability to do more than discover options and solutions. They’re guiding them to optimize forthcoming real-world experiences. […]


Delivering consistently relevant experiences at scale

Personalization is not a new concept. It’s likely that your hairstylist knows how you like your hair cut and can make recommendations on different options and products that best suit your hair type. Restaurants you frequently visit may know how you like your steak cooked and can provide suitable wine-pairing suggestions. Personalization happens often in […]


Analysis of Mary Meeker’s internet trends report 2018 – part 1

All the latest trends are part of Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report (full presentation embedded at the end of this post) every year and we couldn’t ignore the changes in media usage, mobile consumption, voice search and all the innovations that change our lives. Here’s part 1 of the stats that caught our attention. Part […]


Metrics to support ‘your’ digital monetization strategy

Recently there was a New York Times piece discussing ‘influencers’ on social media channels and their challenges and frustrations making a living online. This followed a previous, similar piece in the New York Post about someone attempting to gain Instagram stardom by purchasing elaborate trips and fashion, which left them in financial ruin.For the uninitiated, […]


Facebook Watch takes on YouTube – and the global TV market

Facebook’s announcement of its Facebook Watch video service is a clear bid to ramp up its ad revenue by tapping into the lucrative TV market. After a slow-but-steady start for IGTV, has Facebook learned crucial lessons that will help Watch gain a loyal audience? Facebook’s newest feature, Watch, will host a range of original, TV-like content (both live […]