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Buzzfeed has built a social empire starting from Facebook, expanding to all the popular social networks and Tasty is a great example on how to dominate a niche audience.

Buzzfeed launched Tasty in July, as a way to focus on food lovers, with a series of videos targeting all the cooking enthusiasts, while the the right use of data made them impossible to ignore, seeing an impressive rate of virality.

Since July, Tasty numbers 52 million likes, and it counted 2.2 billion views in March, being consistently among the most popular Facebook publishers during the past months.

Just when the audience got bigger, Buzzfeed decided to narrow it down by creating many sub-pages, in order to maintain its audience at the main page, but also to provide them with more content through the relevant pages.

For example, Proper Tasty focuses on British recipes and it now counts 9.2 million likes, in just four months. There are also the pages Tasty Demais, Bien Tasty, Tasty Miam, with each one of them still impressing with the engagement and the likes.


What makes Tasty popular on Facebook?


Tasty’s videos last from 30 seconds to two minutes, which is the right amount of time when trying to grab the audience’s attention. Their fast pace and the quick and visual steps help viewers watch them until the end and this contributes to the increase of engagement and the rising completion rate.



Tasty is all about mouthwatering food that is easy to make, which makes viewers save, share, like the videos, as a way to show their approval of them, but also their intentions to try out the recipes.

Fit for audience

As Buzzfeed worked hard to analyse the target audience for Tasty, it knew that it had to provide relevant content, (Read more...) order to increase the engagement.

Thus, as it targets a younger audience, the food choices had to be close to their tastes, with many of their popular recipes being about pizza, chocolate cakes, cheesecake, chicken tacos, etc.


Highly shareable

The combination of brevity, simplicity and relevance makes Tasty’s videos highly shareable and this has significantly contributed to the virality of the page.

It’s not just a share, but rather an extended reach and also a proof that users love the content, which encourages the page to create even more.


The rise of DIY

DIY videos are the epitome of content marketing and their simplicity helps the viewers relate to the page and save the Facebook videos to test the recipes on their own.

Playing by Facebook’s rules: native videos

It is estimated that video will account for 69% of all internet traffic by 2017 and as native videos tend to win ground lately on social media, this content type cannot be overlooked.

In fact, Facebook has heavily promoted videos on its platform, both on their display in the newsfeed, but also as an advertising type, especially after the launch of Canvas.


Thus, Buzzfeed knew from its own popular Facebook page that native Facebook videos tend to be “favoured” by Facebook in terms of reach, which increases the chances of engagement, especially if the content is relevant and appealing.

Powerful support from Buzzfeed

Tasty must have been created as a Page after analysing the data that predict the next trends, along with the formula that leads to virality and Buzzfeed knew from the beginning that this would be a success.

However, it wasn’t the confidence that actually led to the success, but the proper promotion of the page through all the pages and the platforms that Buzzfeed uses to distribute its content. That’s what it does now with new pages, and it seems to work.

Buzzfeed Nifty

Visual power

Buzzfeed knows how to grab your attention. It’s not just the focus on native videos, but also their mobile appeal, knowing that users tend to browse their newsfeeds through their smartphone multiple times per day.


Thus, users end up watching the videos, or save them to watch them later, which means that Buzzfeed found a new way to approach its target audience, especially the demanding mobile users.

Being everywhere

Buzzfeed is present on almost every popular social network and Tasty is currently having an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Vine.

This increases the reach of the videos, but also the chances to boost its engagement, as once again, the combination of relevance and visual appeal cannot be unnoticed.

buzzfeed tumblr


It might seem obvious that Tasty’s Facebook presence relies on the impressive engagement that maintains the audience’s interest, but it’s not an easy achievement that every Page could reach.

According to Shareablee, Buzzfeed’s Tasty saw the highest increase of engagement during March, reaching a growth of 30% in engagement, which kept it in the second position among all media publishers and their social performance.


As for Facebook specifically, Tasty numbered 2.2B views during March, noting 6.4M new followers.

tubular most watched facebook

Tasty may serve as a great case study on the power of Facebook videos and even if you don’t have the support of Buzzfeed to promote your content, you can still be inspired to create the best outcome, depending on your field, your audience and your goals.

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