Tech Talk with Pi Datametrics: Controlling your content performance with the right data

30-second summary: 

  • Global content marketing spend set to reach $300bn by 2021.
  • Much of the online spend on content is being wasted.
  • Without the right data, marketers are simply not in control of their content performance.
  • In our latest Tech Talk Jon Earnshaw, Founder of Pi Datametrics shares how his company helps marketers understand and visualize online commercial opportunities.
  • Pi Datametrics is designed to solve the problems that result in missed online revenue.
  • Customers include Tesco, The Telegraph, IG Group, Vodafone, Harrods, and Lululemon.

Global content marketing spends increased by 14.4% in 2019 to $42.15 billion (PQ Media). According to some sources, this number could significantly increase to over $300bn in the next few years. Regardless of the numbers, the content opportunity is genuine, and in 2021 ensuring that marketers maximize their revenue opportunity from content is a key priority. With so much content produced online, marketers must look to data and insights to understand the landscape and not miss out on revenue opportunities.

In our latest Tech Talk Jon Earnshaw, Founder of Pi Datametrics shares how his company helps marketers understand and visualize online commercial opportunities. Working with brands such as Tesco, The Telegraph, IG Group, Vodafone, and Lululemon, Earnshaw shows how actionable data-led insights bring tactical wins and helps grow Share of Voice in markets.

Acting as the Chief Product Evangelist and as one of the founders, Jon has been (Read more...) Pi Datametrics since the very start six years ago. His role involves listening to customers and understanding their challenges while working with the product team to ensure that they help them meet those challenges.

Challenges with SEO and content marketing today

Right now, many brands face a common challenge to grow Share of Voice in hugely competitive markets. To do this, it is essential to be consistently visible at the top of the search engine results. However, it’s practically impossible for most brands today without the right level of intelligence and insight.

Common challenges that prevent brands from achieving their targets include:

  • Content strategy is not right – which leads to significant lost opportunities and revenue
  • Changes in search and with Google algorithms are negatively impacting performance
  • Competitors are outperforming them, and brands cannot understand why
  • Brands lack a granular understanding of the search landscape and what consumers are looking for

Pi Datametrics data revealed that in ‘Womenswear’ that those businesses sitting below the fold are currently missing out on over $4m per week in revenue. Looking more closely, you can see from one of those highlighted businesses the significant opportunity now being missed on the left of the visual above.

According to Jon and the team, over 70% of this is due to cannibalization – something that’s easy to fix. On the right, those same businesses are seeing huge rises and falls in share of voice, thanks to Google’s algorithm updates.

The Pi Datametrics solution

Whatever it is that’s preventing marketers from achieving their targets, Pi Datametrics was built to solve. The team at Pi Datametrics spends a lot of time staying close to all the latest search engine algorithm updates and analyzing the constantly changing search results landscape to understand the best ways to respond to these dynamics. This has allowed them to build go-to software for tactical wins and risk mitigation.

The Pi Datametrics enterprise SEO platform offers great levels of data, in-depth analysis, and complete clarity to organic performance. This includes:

  • Unlimited domain tracking
  • Cannibalization detection
  • SEO reporting
  • Competitive analysis – via partner DeepCrawl
  • Analytics integrations
  • Daily, weekly and monthly tracking
  • Historical volume data

Pi Market Intelligence enables marketers to visualize commercial opportunities and potential against their entire market landscape’s backdrop. This includes;

  • Share of Voice
  • Search trends
  • Organic value
  • Historical market share
  • Revenue Opportunity
  • Category Performance

To quickly discover Pi Datametrics’ offerings, you can also view their Tech Talk below:

Tech Talk with Pi Datametrics: Controlling your content performance with the right data

Jon Earnshaw, Chief Product Evangelist at Pi Datametrics said,

“Search data is no longer confined to the realms of the SEO team. It’s far too valuable and insightful for that. We’re democratizing search data to be used throughout the business, from the strategic to the technical.

Take Pi Market Intelligence, for example. This showcases every single competitor for any consumer search you can think of – not just those already on your radar – giving you the most comprehensive pool of consumer insight on the market”.

Pi Datametrics and the tech stack

Pi Datametrics technology typically falls under SEO and marketing budgets. However, their business intelligence has the power to inform strategy across the business, in teams far beyond search. It can also be viewed as a consumer search intelligence tool that fits into the ‘Content and Experience’ part of the martech stack.

Customer success

A wide range of companies currently uses Pi Datametrics technology in multiple ways to inform their business decisions. This includes Tesco, The Telegraph, IG Group, Vodafone, Harrods, Lululemon, and many others.

Some big businesses are using the software as a damage mitigation tool by supporting complex global website migrations. Other types of companies use insights to size-up competitors as well as new opportunities in new markets. On the tactical level, they have publishers using the software on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis to better understand the search landscape and their readers’ intent.

Those same customers use it to make super well-informed decisions on content strategy and page-level and site-wide contextual optimization. For example, a high street retailer uses the platform to significantly improve their online content & products’ performance through the automated discovery and prevention of content conflict. This alone has helped gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

The future

The team at Pi Datametrics has been collecting data for 15 years to allow them to have one of the largest and most comprehensive datasets on the market. With over 60 members of staff, working with over 50 major brands, the business the software has over three and a half thousand active users.  The company is looking to grow further, helping and support brands to make big business decisions with SEO software that spans all search dimensions.

As Earnshaw puts it,

“If you’re not using search data to inform content strategy, then there’s a good chance that you’re throwing money away.”

Check out Pi Datametrics’ Tech Talk here for a more in-depth look at their offering.

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