Tech Talk with Maropost: Cloud-based unified marketing automation platform

30-second summary:

  • The “marketing monster” is real – organizations end up spending a lot of time and money assembling several pieces of tech together to run their marketing engine, which is often exhausting and unyielding.
  • It is a better idea to increase efficiency within your marketing organization by leveraging tools that do the work for you rather than tools that add to your busy team’s workload.
  • Finding scalable solutions is the secret sauce to succeed for thriving organizations; it saves time, boosts productivity, and complements growth.
  • Maropost’s comprehensive Marketing Automation Software provides established marketing teams with all the tools they need to achieve success. Their customers include brands like Sticker-You, Mercedes Benz, and The New York Post.
  • Their philosophy is simple: ‘one-click’ route to all – acquiring customers, setting up and sending an automated journey, converting a prospect into a sale, gathering all the data from a customer journey for a 360-degree view of engagement – one-click-everything.

Achieving greater audience engagement, materializing customer acquisition, and sales growth are some of the most common goals for all organizations. Streamlining the important elements and accomplishing the same through the use of an automation platform is what guarantees the move to perfection. This is where Maropost comes into play. The platform maximizes revenue with its cloud-based marketing automation system designed for multi-channel customer engagement.

In our latest Tech Talk, Jacopo Mauri, Senior Director, Demand Generation at Maropost talks about how their (Read more...) provides advanced reporting, powerful segmentation, email automation, and more.

About Maropost

Maropost is a cloud-based marketing automation platform designed to maximize organizational revenue through multi-channel customer engagement. Founded in 2011 by our CEO Ross Andrew-Paquette initially as an email platform, Maropost has evolved manifolds. It has now become a platform suitable for modern marketers to create engaging campaigns across all channels prospects: including SMS, mobile, social, and web.

Over the years, the team at Maropost has toiled hard to add more channels so that modern marketers are able to reach more customers. With an approach at ‘simplification’, they are aimed at providing their comprehensive marketing solution to every-size organization across industries in retail, hospitality, and publications. Their offering is simple yet robust – allowing customers to leverage the platform as their organizations grow – without having to retrofit the platform to their needs.

Ending organizations’ struggles for a scalable solution

The folks at Maropost believe that reporting should take a marketer three minutes, not three hours, and this is what their solution is aimed at. They know that growing marketing teams often struggle to find a solution that scales for their growth. With operations becoming more sophisticated and complex by each passing day, existing solutions fail to adapt and eventually grow obsolete, owing to incompetency. Struggling to do it all: start a blog for your brand, take care of the website’s user experience, manage social media channels, keep up with the latest trends in the industry, run campaigns back to back, manage the marketing engine – can be overwhelming.

In a pursuit to put together a workable marketing platform, organizations end up piling integrations upon the complex infrastructure that often demands more headcount to set-up, maintain, and run. They eventually become slow, difficult to maintain, and provide little insight into how all efforts are performing.

To quickly discover Maropost’s offerings, you can also view their Tech Talk below:

Tech Talk with Maropost: Email marketing automation

In order to work with new scaling requirements, organizations need to keep unlocking new marketing channel strategies with scalable tools that fit well. The right set of modern tools can help teams focus on what they’re really good at – marketing to their customers through strategic messaging, creative campaigns, and building brand awareness. Maropost aims to highly reduce the time, money, and resources spent on such integrations.


With Maropost, no integrations are required as the solution is completely native and made-in-house, including their mail transfer agent, called JMTA.

Maropost’s email marketing automation platform converts your prospects into clients through the delivery of targeted messages to the right contacts at the right time. It helps connect the dots and transform an organization’s marketing activities, manage social media channels to organize drip campaigns, seek help with acquisition nurturing and conversion rate optimization, and take care of everything that concerns the efforts in the direction of acquisition, engagement, and conversion.

Case Study: Haymarket Media

One of Maropost’s long-term partners, Haymarket Media is at the receiving end of the solution’s beneficial prowess. Haymarket Media is a mass-media company that has grown internationally and operates over 50 brands of publications for various professional industries. They replaced their previous monstrous Martech stack with Maropost’s solution to be able to handle large customer data sets and mass-email sends.

The result: Haymarket Media is now able to focus on generating more content and curate a better customer experience. Their clickthrough rates (CTRs) are 5-10x higher than their standard newsletter.

Taking a look at Maropost set up

Setting up an automated customer engagement journey with Maropost is easy. Users can also seamlessly set up an SMS campaign and pull detailed reports. With their ‘Journeys’ feature, users can build automated campaigns based on where their customers are within their customer journey. Their easy automation builder is what further amplifies the expertise offered by the platform.

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Setting up a journey is as simple as selecting Triggers, Actions, Filters, and delays and arranging them by clicking and dragging into the ideal customer engagement experience you desire. Users can quickly glance at their campaign’s health with a customizable dashboard. Each user can choose from a selection of widgets to see information such as their campaign calendar, the performance of their last 5 campaigns, and their subscription list growth and attrition.

For users who are interested in checking out the intricacies of their marketing efforts, a one time or recurring report set up is easy and can be done in three simple steps. The platform provides detailed metrics on email or SMS campaign performance, deliverability, and audience and lists growth and attrition. Each report is set up in 3 steps and can be sent to as many team members as you like right within the setup, without the need for any data clean-up or record merging.

More about Maropost offerings

Maropost deploys new features on a weekly basis as opposed to the annual or biannual release pattern followed by most of the marketing platforms. Their initiative ‘Maropost Labs’ lets the customers interact directly with their Product Team and suggest ideas and/or provide feedback. They have also come up with a new commerce module that brings marketing and sales all-in-one platform.

The pricing for Maropost’s solution is flexible and varies for every unique organization. It is based upon email and SMS send volume, with the essentials package starting at $500 a month.


When it comes to achieving and surpassing your team’s marketing goal, it is not always the count of added technology tools that work. Alternatively, a smart yet simple solution can also work wonders if it is able to automate tasks and give your team the time to focus on more important things. By providing industry-leading inbox deliverability, advanced reporting, sophisticated segmentation, list management, template management, A/B testing, and email automation, Maropost is here to help organizations succeed.

Check out Maropost’s Tech Talk here for a more in-depth look at their offering.

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