Tech Talk with Liveclicker: How the customer captivation platform amplifies ROI with email personalization

30-second summary:

  • Advanced personalization in emails drastically improves open rate.
  • Personalized email marketing is more efficient and effective.
  • In a study Liveclicker did with The Relevancy Group, it was found that for every $1 spent on advanced personalization in email, you can expect to make around $20.
  • Find out how you can increase transaction rates by six times in our latest Tech Talk with Liveclicker’s, Chief Operating Officer, Kenna Hilburn.

Personalized emails have a big return on your investment, but do you know how big that return is?

In a study Liveclicker did with The Relevancy Group, it was found that for every $1 spent on advanced personalization in email, you can expect to make around $20.

Advanced personalization enabled by Liveclicker technology makes emails more appealing and more effective. Not only does Liveclicker help make emails more personalized, engaging, and rewarding, but it makes it easy for our customers to add personalization to their campaigns in ways that reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Create email campaigns in a way that reduces costs and improves efficiencies

We all are used to seeing great websites, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for emails, which are usually flat and uninspiring.

The technology available for email in the inbox has been pretty limiting. This has created a sad situation where email becomes outdated and underwhelming.

For example, a brand might have a sale and send an (Read more...) at 9 am eastern time, but someone who opens the email when they get up on the west coast is out of luck, and all of the items that they like are sold out. In this situation, the email does more harm than good.

Or take another example, where someone opens an email to find out whether their local store is open. But the information has changed since the email was sent, and it hasn’t been updated. The customer is disappointed when they realize the information is wrong, and sales are lost.

Benefits of personalization

Marketers report that advanced personalization in email increases revenue by as much as 17% over basic personalization tactics like “Hello, Firstname”.

In another study, it was found that personalized emails can deliver six times higher transaction rates.

The benefits of personalization go beyond revenue as well. Personalization can reduce acquisition costs by up to 50%, and increase marketing spends efficiency by 10% to 30%.

Some of that efficiency is gained by workflow improvements. When marketers have the opportunity to go deep on personalization, they can reuse components across campaigns and reduce the number of resources they need.

How Liveclicker helps improve your email marketing

Liveclicker dramatically improves email, enabling personalization and interactivity with real-time content from the moment of open. The Liveclicker platform helps marketers adjust emails at any time—even after they reach the inbox—so the message is always relevant and impactful.

Enterprise brands across industries use Liveclicker to drive results, improve workflows, and be nimbler.

To quickly discover Liveclicker’s offerings, you can also view their Tech Talk below:

Tech Talk with Liveclicker

What is Liveclicker?

Founded in 2008, Liveclicker is a pioneer in video and real-time email content, Liveclicker is 100% focused on personalized and interactive experiences with over 240 customers located in the US, APAC, EMEA and proudly part of the CM Group family of brands.

How does Liveclicker help customers?

Liveclicker works with innovators in retail, entertainment and gaming, advertising, and financial services. Their customers include names you’ll recognize such as Chico’s, Ulta Beauty, Bond Brand Loyalty, AT&T, Trusted Housesitters and Bankrate.

Their customers are looking for results and cost savings, and Liveclicker delivers both. Because they enable real-time creative, dynamic emails, and moment-of-open personalization, their customers can streamline customer workflows and drive increased revenue.

What are the advantages of Liveclicker?

Liveclicker is not just a technology – even though the technology is pretty great. Liveclicker’s insanely responsive team provides hands-on support and strategic guidance that has its customers personalizing their campaigns in a matter of hours with the easiest advanced personalization platform on the market.

It’s intuitive and marketer-friendly, integrates within any tech stack, and doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise or an expensive agency to get it running.

Are there any limitations to Liveclicker’s technology?

Some email providers do block the location of an opener. However, there are ways to work around that and still provide a strong experience at moment-of-open, and to add to marketers’ data in the process, solving the question of where those customers are over time.

What is Liveclicker’s price point?

Liveclicker uses a volume-based pricing model that charges you based on impressions or opens. We also have several plans available for our exceptional support. They use annual contracts and bills monthly.

The onboarding process for Liveclicker includes on the job training so that customers are utilizing the platform on day one! The best audience for the kick-off and onboarding process would be design and email deployment managers.

We are your partner. We want you to be successful, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to help you be the hero to your business, and essential to your team.

Check out Liveclicker’s Tech Talk here for a more in-depth look at their offering.

Abhishek Shah is the co-founder of Ally Digital Media, a leading voice in digital media and marketing. He advocates for evidence-based marketing strategies to fuel the businesses. He can be found on Twitter @abiishek. 

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