Tech Talk with Litmus: Crafting personalized and scalable email experiences

30-second summary:

  • Email marketing is the most dependable and measurable channel for digital marketing. Also, 50% percent of consumers prefer to be contacted by a brand over email.
  • An average consumer sees more than 5000 ads and marketing messages in a single day. The biggest challenge for marketers is to penetrate through this noise in order to get their message heard.
  • The email production process requires marketers to juggle with multiple tools and spend approximately 2 weeks or longer to produce a single email, not to mention the complicated and lengthy collaboration and review processes.
  • Even when these emails are able to go through the spam fiasco, over 70 percent of marketers say they can’t measure the ROI.
  • Litmus is committed to helping its customers successfully hustle through the above hurdles with its industry-leading email workflow and collaboration solution.

Successful email marketing campaigns are a hard nut to crack. At a time when consumers are bombarded with thousands of ads and emails every day, only the right email marketing strategy paired with the use of the right tools can ensure that your messages rise above the rest. In order to break through the noise, the offering from Litmus comes into play for campaign marketers that are looking to filter through the chaos and reach their customer’s inbox – with success.

In our latest Tech Talk, Senior Product marketing manager at Litmus, Jess Materna talks about how the innovative features of Litmus solution can help save email marketers’ time and streamline their workflow.

About Litmus

Starting out in 2005 as a platform built by three colleagues simply to address the painful process of cross-browser testing, the evolution has been manifolds. Loved by (Read more...) since its inception, the amplification of the platform from websites to emails to insights was driven by new requests and capabilities. It is now a powerful offering that could be applied across marketing channels to create great customer experiences.

Today, Litmus provides its leading optimization and collaboration solution for marketers empowering teams of all sizes. 700,000+ users rely on Litmus to create emails that convert along with brands like Oracle, JPMorgan Chase, Best Buy, ADP, and Zendesk. Over 80% of the Fortune 100 rely on the platform to test, analyze, and improve their email marketing programs.

To quickly discover Litmus’ offerings, you can also view their Tech Talk below:

Supercharging the marketing mix by putting email at the center

For success-focused marketers, Litmus has so much to offer – it not only helps its customers create great emails that convert, the technology assists with present campaign development, testing, and post-end insights for future program optimization. Marketers can employ the platform of Litmus to effectively increase subscriber engagement, collaborate more effectively across teams and technologies, and gain access to the email insights they need to drive success across their entire marketing portfolio. This all-in-one easy-to-use solution is proven to help marketers scale email development without adding resources or sacrificing quality.

Breaking down the cumbersomeness

Campaign development

Marketers can create and store approved templates, code modules, and brand settings to safely scale development. With Litmus Builder, they can create emails the way that fits the workflow—via their HTML Code Editor, or the codeless, Visual Editor.

With flexible, intuitive email development, the entire team – designers, professional bloggers, SEO executives, all can craft consistent, on-brand emails that can be exported to their ESP. With Litmus Email Previews, users can quickly find and fix issues in 90+ popular email clients long before they hit “send.” With additional options for segmentation and personalization, success can be further ensured for every email that is sent out.


The Litmus email builder is designed to fuel collaboration by letting email developers curate a library of reusable email templates that any of their teammates (regardless of technical coding abilities) can use to create on-brand error-free emails. Litmus also provides advanced security to control access, with user permissions from editing to review-only, across every campaign.

Feedback and Review

Cumbersome feedback cycles are made easy with the platform’s review and approval tool that enables teams to collaborate in real-time without lengthy back and forth email threads or chats. The seamless integration of the platform with leading email service providers ‘Slack’ and ‘Trello’ eliminates the hassle of copying and pasting updates and code between different technologies while streamlining communication.


All manual testing work is eliminated as Litmus performs automated checks for how emails will render across 90 plus email clients and devices. Any broken images and links are thoroughly checked along with spam filter testing and more.


After an email is sent out, the Litmus Email Analytics feature provides marketers the necessary subscriber-level insights needed to understand what’s working and what’s not. Other data such is also accessible – as which devices your subscribers use most, what apps they prefer along with the complete picture on performance and engagement. This further helps brands make data-driven optimizations to future campaigns and other channels, making the entire marketing mix more effective.

Dashboard: Email marketing made better with Litmus workflow

The Litmus dashboard is intuitive, seamless, and easy-to-use. It offers everything in one place – email creation, collaboration and review, and Analytics. Let’s dive into how the ideal Litmus workflow process looks like.

Email marketing flow with Litmus

Users can start a new email by picking a template from the pre-approved templates in the store.

pre approved templates

By using the visual editor which does not require any coding knowledge, they can easily update the header and subheader and make as many edits as they want. While still in this builder tool, they can check how their email will render.

Email preview using Litmus

By taking a look at the individual email previews, they can make sure that the email design and copy are on track and ready to be reviewed.

It is fairly simple to add elements such as a ‘footer’ by switching over to the code editor and inserting the same from the marketing approved footers.


Once everything is good the go, marketers can then save their progress and move ahead to get the email reviewed by the team. The ‘Proof’ is the centralized tool for providing email feedback and approvals in Litmus.

Moving on, it is time to run a thorough automated check of the elements that matter most in terms of creating a great subscriber experience. Once the email is approved, it arrives in the checklist to see how it renders across popular email clients and devices. From there, first impression, text, key accessibility elements, links, tracking, image blocking, email loading speed can be previewed.

Email preview and load speed on different devices

By running a full spam test, marketers can ensure that their emails have the best chance of actually making it to the prospects’ inbox.

Email analytics

With the Litmus Analytics feature, marketers can take a look at the aggregated performance of their emails. By clicking into an individual report, they can see detailed engagement insights, email clients that are popular with their subscribers, and even get geolocation data.

Litmus analytics features


When it comes to pricing, Litmus offers plans that fit teams of all sizes and needs.

  • Litmus Basic: Ideal for one-person email teams who want to design and build beautiful emails that look great in every inbox, $99 per month.
  • Litmus Plus: Ideal for email teams of 2-3 people who want to automate testing and improve campaign effectiveness, $199 per month.
  • Litmus Enterprise: Ideal for agencies and email teams of 4+ people who want to boost collaboration and drive the best results at scale, custom pricing. Litmus offers premium support and advanced training for enterprise plan customers.

Check out Litmus’ Tech Talk here for a more in-depth look at their offering.

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