How to stop being boring in B2B social sales

Who said B2B sales have to be boring? Time to reconsider, aiming at a human connection, rather than old-fashioned sales pitches.

Simona Pop, head of partnerships & global communications at InstaSupply talked about B2B sales in Beat the Buzz Nights by WeRSM and Audiense, explaining how the process can become more meaningful for both sides.

A selling process through social media doesn’t have to follow the standard sales pitches, as it should be more about creating a connection with the prospect client, before you try to sell your product.


Here are the steps that could be followed:

  • Find the potential customers that are most suitable for your product
  • Analyse their social presence (listen to their needs, interests, goals)
  • Discover the social networks they use most
  • Engage with them
  • Create a human connection (be genuine)
  • Start the selling process

This is a quick way to understand the social journey when trying to sell a product, and it reminds us what we already know as online users, that “cold calling” doesn’t work on social media.

Next time you’re about to promote your product, think as a customer first. How would you like to be approached? What’s the best way to build trust and actually listen to someone?

Social selling stats


B2B sales have changed with the rise of social media as 82% of the prospects can be reached through social platforms, while social proof is more important than ever, with 84% of the B2B decision makers starting their buying process with a referral.

It’s even more interesting to consider that there may be up to 7 people involved in a buying decision. This means that you have to win them all to sell your product and the best way to do so is by forming an emotional bond.

According to Simona Pop, you have (Read more...) keep your enthusiasm throughout the process and most importantly, you cannot abandon the process by the time the sale is complete.

“Just because you’ve got their money, you don’t win their loyalty” is a great quote she used to stress the importance of the next step, turning a sale into a loyal customer.

And that’s when the emotional bond is needed, along with an analysis of the best platforms that can strengthen the process.


LinkedIn is the primary social network for B2B sales, but when it comes to emotion, Instagram can be very useful, as the appealing content can create the required bond with the customers and boost the company’s presence with the right association of content.

No more boring B2B sales

B2B selling doesn’t have to be boring and it can be more meaningful when it’s focusing on the people involved in the process. B2B is still H2H (human to human) and it is important to pick your prospect customers wisely, ensuring that your values are aligned and you make a great match that can lead to loyalty.


It’s crucial to approach the right prospect customers and find people who believe what you believe (influencers, innovators, anyone interested in driving change and being ahead of the game). This will give you the opportunity to be creative and stand out with your ideas, while the emotional bond can make the selling process is easier.


Keys to social selling


  1. Add personality. Be genuine and don’t be afraid to show your personality. Selling may become easier in the least expected way when you are ready to be authentic.
  2. Keep listening. Before you approach prospect customers, you need to listen to their needs and goals, until you have learned what they really want (and how you can help).
  3. Connect. Your research can help you create an emotional connection with the prospect customers, focusing on H2H interaction. Selling is still between human beings and an emotional bond increases the chances of being heard afterwards in the selling process. This creates more meaningful relationships that may last longer.
  4. Dazzle. What can you offer to the prospect customers that deserves their attention? How about showing your personality again through the selling process along with personalising the selling for the needs of each customer?
  5. Collaborate. It’s easier to reach this step once you’ve mastered the previous ones, but this doesn’t mean that the process is over.
  6. Continue. Just because the sale is complete, doesn’t mean that you should rule out communication from now one. H2H still exists and it may lead to further collaboration and an increased trust if you are able to nurture it.

Most of all, enjoy the process and stop treating B2B sales as boring. They don’t have to be and once you change your perspective, your customers will notice it and act accordingly.

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