How brands tweeted about England's exit from Euro 2016

England’s surprising loss to Iceland and its exit from Euro 2016 provoked plenty of talk on Twitter, with brands offering some of the best tweets.   

By the time the whistle was blown for the full time, many brands did their best to impress us and here are the most successful ones.

Brands joining #ENGICE

One of the most popular tweets was posted by Paddy Power, the popular betting site that succeeds in Twitter with its funny and controversial posts, and it was a collection of the best tweets from sports fans, naming it ‘Fan Denial’.

Ladbrokes relied on GIF to grab the audience’s attention and judging from the engagement stats, it wasn’t a bad idea.

The best conversation among brands took place between Carlsberg and Iceland Foods, with Twitter users enjoying their exchange of tweets (and beers afterwards).

And here are the beers.

Some people (and brands) get addicted to petitions lately.

GIFs seem to lead to great engagement, especially when they manage to capture the pace of a game in the least expected way.

ASOS decided to focus on Iceland’s Birkir Bjarnason (Read more...) judging by the retweets, many Twitter users agree.

Innocent Drinks joined the #ENGICE discussion with a series of tweets and people were asking for smoothie suggestions to drown their sorrows in.

Paddy Power posted many tweets about #ENGICE, but this was the most popular one with more than 1200 retweets.

The big winner

Iceland Foods managed to win the impressions during and after #ENGICE, using the brand’s name to join the conversation, both with other brands and users.

They even created a new Twitter cover for the occasion, so we should certainly reward their creativity for this case!

Iceland Foods Euro 2016

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