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Email-focused personalization is top priority for marketers

30-second summary: A new survey of its users by retail marketing platform Bluecore finds that targeted email personalization will be a top priority for marketers in the 2020s. The survey points to the need for a better definition of the different kinds of personalization, especially when compared to Gartner’s recent dismissal of the future appeal […]
By : Content Team | Dec 23, 2019

Case study: US craft giant JOANN ushers in a new era with AI-powered copywriting

30-second summary: Building on its efforts to digitally transform and refocus on its customer, JOANN used Phrasee’s AI-powered copywriting to improve customer engagement at an enterprise level JOANN re-evaluated its brand strategy, becoming more sophisticated at leveraging data to better understand customers and maximize engagement with them The partnership with Phrasee saw JOANN achieve 10% […]
By : Content Team | Nov 21, 2019

What are the most important features for an email marketing platform?

There are numerous features in every email marketing platform. How can you find the most important features for your business? It’s tempting to try out all the new shiny features of all email marketing platforms for your business. However, it can be time-consuming and you may soon realize that you don’t necessarily need all these […]
By : Content Team | Apr 30, 2019

Where Should You Make Your Email Marketing Investments in a Changing Industry?

In Part 1 I looked at the past and present state of email marketing budgets. In Part 2 of this series I will dive deeper into where email marketers are actually spending their budgets as a broad shift occurs in the email landscape. While the graphic above tells part of the story, let’s look at […]
By : Content Team | Mar 11, 2019
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